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About Us

Experienced Team

Experienced legal and finance department with an efficient due diligence team - access to individuals in major urban housing authorities and revenue departments.

Massive Portfolio

We have a portfolio of multiple projects yielding 25-30% annualized investor returns - our profit participation only post return of capital and exceeding hurdle rates (interests of both parties aligned).

Strong Investors

Investors invited on basis of commitment with drawdown linked to initiation of specific projects.

Why Veritas?

Making PKR 500 Million+ of investments

We have multiple investment opportunities in the real estate that target annual investor return of 30%. Post return of capital, Veritas’ share of profit is 30% with the investors receiving 70%. Veritas’ profit participation is subject to investors receiving a minimum of 10% per annum return.

More than 20 Years of Experience

Veritas was formed by two recognized professionals in Pakistan's corporate sector to provide investors with access to premium real estate investment opportunities. We participate in this sector through an 'organized/corporate' approach to ensure that investors have transparent, secure access to our proprietary deal flow.


We are dedicated to producing quality civil construction works for the residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors, while maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times. We offer clients the expertise, equipment, resources and technology required to complete even the toughest of construction projects.

News & Updates

Launch ceremony of VERITAS


The Launch ceremony of VERITAS was held at Sapphire Global Marquee, Karachi. Both the Partners, Mr Ahsan Siddiqui and Mr. Adnan Afridi, were present on this occasion. On behalf of Veritas, Mr. Adnan Afridi commenced the ceremony with the welcome speech, followed by Mr. Khalid Siddiqi, Director Corporate, who shared the presentation about the real estate market and our upcoming projects namely Veritas Villas, Veritas Enclave & Veritas Place. The first project “Veritas Place” which is located at Theme Park Commercial, Bahria Town Karachi, was officially introduced to the real estate agents and brokers who were the primary audience of the event. Attractive incentives were unveiled at the ceremony including the higher commission upon selling the maximum number of units. Moreover, there were raffle prizes for the registered attendees present at the event.


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